Pros and cons of the Hamilton beach 67608 bib mouth extractor

Every good thing has some good and bad things. Here you can see about the pros and cons of the hamilton beach 67608 big mouth juice extractor. It has many advantages when compare to the other juicer. It reduce our difficulty by develop this juicer with the wide range of chute. The main advantage is he extractor has the big mouth. So you can feed many fruits or vegetables in the mouth. It has high speed motor to run the juicer. So you can juice the apple within 3 minute. It designs for our comfortable use. You can remove all the parts after using. Then also re assembles the juicer after wash. In this top cover is made by the plastic so it cleaning is easy with the dish washer. In this brush is provided it help to remove the dust from the strainer. It has speed control when you prepare juice it has low or high level.

It also gives the manual for how o use this juice extractor. And also give the recipe idea to prepare in the extractor. It also has some cons they are this juicer come with the 800 watt motor. So when use it make lot of noise. In this spout is fixing in very low so it is very difficult to put the tall glasses. In this during the process the dust stay so you can stop the process and clean then only you can continue the process. The cleaning of the metal centrifugal portion is very tough to clean by using the cleaning brush. In this product the cutter is not quality. So you can change the juicer within some months. During the process the usage of low quality cutter he juice has foaming and frothing because of high speed. So the juices has discolor and tasteless.

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